Goose Feather Trim Black Goose Nagoire and Satinettes Feather Trim 1 Yard SKU: 7I12

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This listing is for one yard of mix goose nagoire and satinettes feather trim. There are approximate 100 feathers in one yard. The feathers are about 5-7 inches long. These feathers are stitched together at the bottom of the quill. They are perfect for headband, headdresses, weeding, crafting, decorations and much more. All feathers are clean and sanitized, ready to be used.

Material & item's features: 

  • Feather: Goose Nagoire and Satinettes Feathers
  • Size: 5-7 Inches (Length of Feathers)
  • Quantity: One Yard
  • Condition: Brand New